In the 70’s Paradise beach was considered the stronghold for hippies and nomads alike. Today is it the absolute social center of Mykonos. It is surrounded by the three most popular clubs on the island, Paradise Club, Cavo Paradiso and Tropicana. You can take a dip in the refreshing Aegean Sea and bask in the love-filled lifestyle that has a magnetic effect on all those that have experienced Paradise Beach. Paradise Beach is also one of the biggest water sport beaches, equipp ed with a lifeguard, offering Jet Ski, water ski, a scuba diving center, snorkelling, parasailing, banana boats and more… Go and see for yourself the beach that has contributed to the myth that surrounds this island. Paradise beach is home to the majority of party-goers on the island.

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It’s the second most famous beach on the island. Super Paradise beach is the most alternative and anti-conformist beach on the island. Virtually void of hotels, the exclusivity of Super Paradise beach has made it a favourite for mostly gay but also straight visitors to the island for many years. Nice pebbly sand and the waters are perfect for swimming. The hill side behind, the bamboo fence and the narrow mouth of the bay, provide some protection from the north wind. Super Paradise is for almost everyone who wants to have fun in the sun amidst an eclectic crowd, with or without your clothes. Relax early in the day, and then the music, and therefore the party, picks up in mid-afternoon and can become quite “the scene”. Whether dancing on the platforms around the pool or drinking under the shade of a group of trees, the beach takes on a club – like atmosphere.

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This beach is surrounded by rocks and it is only 200m long, however it is covered by the finest sand in Greece. During the summer it is nearly impossible to find a free spot on Paranga beach. It is more laid back than the close-by Paradise beach and most people go there to enjoy a relaxing snooze or take a quiet dip. Paranga is more popular with the older crowds who may want to escape the endless partying on the nearby beaches.

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Elia beach is the furthest southern beach that can be reached by cars. To drive here takes approximately 40 minutes and the 400m long beach is picturesquely framed by large rocks. The beach is dominated by sunshades and canvas chairs during the summer and is another peaceful getaway from the party scene. During the summer a water sport station offers the chance to water- ski, jet-ski or snorkel in the pristine water. On both sides there are detached smaller beaches that are popular for skinny dipping and nude sunbathing.


Psarou beach is unquestionably one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, with clear blue waters, golden sand and the advantage that however strong the north winds are, the waters at Psarou are always calm, since the beach is protected by the surrounding mountains. The beach at Psarou is also the most cosmopolitan beach on the island, with its superior quality of all offered services. You will see for yourself judging from the people you will meet. We hope you have a wonderful time at Psarou. Just don’t forget to make a beach lounge chair reservation on weekends and weekdays in July and August at Psarou beach and don’t miss out on tasting the delights from the hip restaurant Nammos’ sophisticated menu.

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Once a meeting point for the rich and prominent from all over the world, Platis Yialos has developed into one of the most popular destinations for all vacationers alike. No other beach on the island offers a similar choice in hotels and taverns which line the beach, or the huge number of sun beds and sand lounges which cover the beach in the summer. It’s a perfect location for children to play or swim in the perfect shallow shoreline. There is a lifeguard on duty and if you want a bit of activity there are plenty of water sports activities to do.

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The sandy beach of Kalafati is reputed as the longest beach on the island with its 900m coastline. Thanks to the remote location it is also a good place for a quiet swim. It’s prime wind prone position on the coast has made it a perfect wind surfing district. During the morning hours the wind blows at wind force 2 to 4 which provides good conditions for beginners. However during the afternoon wind forces reach up to 6, which is more ideal for the professional or advanced surfers. Further out the shore waves can tower up to a height of 2 to 4 meters.

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Southeast from Ano Mera lies the 600m long curved bay of Kalo Livadi. During the early and post season you may be completely alone on the beach. Even during high season you can come here to escape the turbulence and crowds, which is a rare thing to be said about the Mykonian beaches. The flat sandy shore leads to shallow water and promises a great bathing opportunity. Also recommended are the high quality restaurants located here.

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Kapari beach is a small paradise made up of crystal clear blue waters, bright white sand and large rock formations. Access to Kapari is harder than to any other beach in Mykonos, but it is totally worth it. You can get there by scooter or car, but you need to be careful because the road is full of potholes and there is no parking. Once you are there, you need to climb down the twenty-meter (70 foot) rocky pathway – and of course climb them again to return. We assure you it is definitely worth the trouble, especially on days with no strong winds


On the street to Ano Mera shortly after the second gas station diverges a narrow street that takes you to the bay of Panormos. The road also leads to the Lake of Marathi, an artificial storage-lake. At the end of the 6km road you find the curved bay of Panormos which is lined by sand dunes and with the length of 800m is one of the larger beaches on the island. Far at the right side is a narrow, fine sand stretch of beach with little alcoves scattered along the back side, in the low sand dunes, where you can sometimes find a bit of privacy. That side of the beach is undeveloped, without sun beds and umbrellas. Nudity is perfectly acceptable here. If you choose to stay on the left side of the beach near the beach bar- tavern that is located between a large, wild bamboo area and beautiful shade trees, you will find more activity, music, food, drinks and lovely atmosphere.

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Unspoiled freedom, this clothing-optional beach is fairly undeveloped without amenities such as umbrellas, sun beds or beach bars. If you can do without those things, it is so worth the trip. Even the somewhat bumpy, pot – holed road should not be a deterrent, as you see the view from the road above, looking down on the beautiful beach. Take the primitive footpath and arrive there to find a stretch of sand and small pebbles, which make up this beach that slopes gently into the clear sea.

Enjoy your lunch with off roasted and grill dishes at Kiki’s old tavern, which works only lunchtimes. Parking is limited, but you can park on the road and walk down the hill. There is no bus service available.



The last of the southern beaches that you can go by car. Its a small, peaceful beach made up of sand, pebbles and stones. Lia beach is a perfect place to escape the crowds. There is opened the beach restaurant, with wooden deck floor, loud music, bar for a drink and Italian cuisine. There is no bus service, but you can reach it by car-bike rental, on a trip through the tranquil country side after passing by the village Ano Mera.

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